Anti-Sailor Page


Why do i hate it but lets ask this question why? Why is just such a tuff question to answer so i dont know why

We have all heard about the horrors in the past when strange plants and animals were brought over to America, ruining the native land. We are still dealing with these consequences today. Animals have become extinct, plants have been wiped out, stretches of land are now under water. We thought we had this under control. We thought that by carefully checking imports we could prevent the damage on our native lands, but we have become careless. We forgot about inorganic objects and the damage that they can create. We forgot about a little thing called Sailor Moon.

It All Started In Japan.....
It all seemed quite innocent. A happy children's cartoon about a fourteen year old girl named Usagi and her adventures as a super hero. It's a big hit in Japan. Why not bring it here? Of course we have to cut out every decent scene from it. Sure, what's left is a bunch of weak stories about an annoying girl who does nothing but whine and eat. The Japanese culture isn't given any respect - calling Japanese food by American names, changing the names of important Japnese festivals, giving characters New York accents, and so on. But hey, thats Hollywood, right?

Why Would People Watch This Then?
That's a hard question to answer. To most people it would seem that such an edited and horrible show could never survive in America, but it did. Not only was it popular with the children, but grown adults have been tuning into Cartoon Network, wasting their hard earned time and money to watch this show. Never does it occur to the poor souls that perhaps it's not quite right that a fourteen yearold is running around with her skirt up her butt crack or that she can't seem to win a single fight without her love interest Darien popping up in the middle of it to help her out. These people sit in pure excitement to see if in this fight Sailor Moon will win or...well, win. I have seen the starry look in their eyes when I talk to moonies and watched in pure horror as they run towards the Sailor Moon section to see if the newest Sailor Jupiter doll is out and heard with pure disgust as guys talk about the latest Sailor pic they jacked off to. I am tired of nodding and smiling nicely as a conversation with a fellow anime fan turns on Sailor Moon and "how great it is". I am tired of seeing Sailor Moon every where I turn. I am tired of being nice. I hate Sailor Moon if you didn't catch that already and I am here to inform you why.

I have made a i luve sailormoon page now i think its time for a I HATE IT!

Thank you for coming